Alta Motor in Österreich?

Leider leider wird es noch dauern bis man die Bikes auch bei uns bzw. Europa bekommen wird. Nach Rückfrage habe ich folgende Antwort erhalten:

Let’s Get You on a Redshift!

Thanks for requesting a demo ride

Alta Motors is ushering in the future of fast, and we can’t wait for you to experience the Redshift’s electric drivetrain for yourself! At Alta Motors we think riding is believing – that’s why all of our official partner-dealerships have the ability to provide demo bikes for both street and dirt experiences.

Right now we do not have dealerships and service networks outside of the US as we are focusing 100% of our energy on getting manufacturing, sales and service up and running here in the US before entering other markets.  We plan to begin international distribution in the latter half of 2018 and hope to supply dealers outside the US with model year 2019 motorcycles.

If you are interested in selling Alta motorcycles please sign up for our newsletter through our website, this way you will receive an announcement once we have a more definite timeline to share with you.

Thanks again for your patience, enthusiasm and support.  Happy riding and Stay Fast!

All the best,
Team Alta

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